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To live in Telluride, residents need to be as rugged as the steep terrain and roaring rivers that surround them. Telluride Bud Company owner, Gary Davis, is no exception. Gary's family has called the San Juan Mountains home for more than two generations. A family of skiers, snowboarders, outfitters, and outdoorsmen, the Davis' have literally explored every mountain and stream in the area.

Telluride Bud Company is a locally owned and operated recreational marijuana dispensary located in the heart of historic downtown Telluride, CO and Durango, CO. Founded in 2010, Telluride Bud Company helped blaze the trail for the legalization of medical cannabis in Colorado and on January 1st, 2014, Telluride Bud Company became one of the first recreational marijuana dispensaries in the world! On April 10, 2015, Telluride Bud Company opened its second marijuana dispensary in Durango, CO.

Open 7 days/week, the Davis family strives to service the needs of recreational cannabis customers by stocking both Telluride Bud Company locations with the highest-quality strains and a massive selection of marijuana edibles, concentrates, and infused products. Whether you are a visitor or resident of Durango or Telluride, stop in to either of our Telluride Bud Company stores today to be a part of history and help TBC carry on the pioneering spirit of the West.


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Other Reviews

Justin is such an awesome bud tender. Dude really knows what he is taking about and will lead you to the perfect product. That being said, the company itself has recently decided they will no longer be selling the one hundred dollar ounces, and I hear happy hour pricing will be phased out as well. This is the only reason I come here, as they DID have the cheapest prices in town before doing away with this. Last time I went in the only “happy hour” product they could sell for five a gram was skunk northern lights. Very sad indeed. I hope management knows a large percentage of their business came from LOCALS and happy hour and one hundred dollar ounce sales and I probably won’t be back unless that stays. Weed prices should be falling the further we get from 2014 (when it was legalized in Colorado)not rising. Just watch the new South Park and you’ll get the idea lol
3 months ago
I hear they are doing away with the five dollar gram happy hours as well as the hundred dollar ounces. Last time I went in all they had was skunk x northern lights for this price and that’s when I was given the grim news. Sorry guys I know the bud tenders already know this, but apparently management needs to take the hint, but this is the ONLY reason the shop has a line at these times. If you do away with these happy hour deals and the hundred dollar Oz, I will take my business to Delilah or Alpine and encourage others to as well.
3 months ago
Just stopped in today during happy hour($5 Dollar Grams!!) The budtender was so kind and the regional manager was very knowledgeable about anything we asked. The prices were great and so was the selection. Highly recommend. Oh, ask about the gold selection .. you're welcome!
3 months ago
Best bud best service BEST worldwide! Trust me! Check happy hour !
4 months ago
I've been coming here for a few months now, I love this dispensary. This bud tender Justin here is an awesome bud tender, he knows his stuff, always great recommendations always steer you in the right direction for sure and always great customer service. It's my dispensary of choice always.
5 months ago