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Situated in an extremely accessible location, Native Roots Littleton is a convenient stop for shoppers coming from all directions. The high energy and incredibly inspired staff at Native Roots Littleton won't fail you in providing the very best medical and recreational shopping experience around.

From seed in the soil to bud behind glass, NATIVE ROOTS delivers the highest quality, naturally grown, recreational and medical cannabis earning the brand and reputation as Colorado’s most trusted dispensary. Whether our customers purchase our own homegrown cannabis extracts, edibles, marijuana drinks, tinctures, and cannabis infused products or select something from one of our vendor partners, they understand they are getting the best the state has to offer.

No matter if we are breaking ground on a new store, a new strain, or even an entirely new concept like our "Gas and Grass" stores, which combine a marijuana dispensary and gas station, Native Roots remains focused on the future. Our goal is to change the perception of marijuana and its consumption, through showcasing the medicinal benefits of the plant allowing cannabis to integrate into daily life as a lifesaving alternative medicine.

Spanning the state, from Denver to the High Country, Native Roots is the nation's largest and leading dispensary chain offering a wide selection of products in addition to flowers (buds), which include wax, shatter, live resin, pre-rolled cones, vape pens, dab rigs, and so much more. We call our style, exemplary customer service, and dedication to quality doing thing the “Native Way”. Welcome to the Native Fam.


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Other Reviews

The quality of product is good, but holy cow do they need to work on their customer service. The guy told me 5 to 10 minute wait. It's been 30, now I'm in line watching two employees talk about their nails. Maybe a time limit, per customer, would be cool too. Or an Express counter. Or something to separate the tourists who need education vs people who know what they want.
in the last week
Paul is by far the main reason I've chosen Native Roots. He is very knowledgeable and always in a great mood. He will answer your questions in fine detail and give you all of your options. I use to go to another dispensary but after meeting Paul, I'm sold on Native Roots.
3 weeks ago
Workers locked the doors 10-15 minutes before the scheduled close time. There was a handful of people standing outside as they cleaned the counters and turned off the lights. I understand bud tenders are eager to get off of work, but is ten minutes really a big difference?
a month ago
Prices are certainly up there as far as same quality marijuana is concerned. The security feels nicer, and has sort of a doctor's office feel to avoid crowding the actual store. Neat experience, but $40 for an 1/8? 5 minutes east you get the same strain, same quality for $25 less.
a month ago
Amanda is amazing. She walks me through my options giving me the pros and cons. It makes decisions easier and she is so kind and funny to work with! Ask for her and you’ll see the results you’re looking for. It’s worth calling ahead to make sure she’s there! Thank you, Amanda!
3 months ago

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