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Great employees... however... nobody knew about terpenes. The product has no labeling of these... so I had hoped the budtenders would have the knowledge. Oh well..
a week ago
It's a nice place to get your medicine But notice the customer service is getting worse and rude and can't wait to get you out, or a friendly hello how are you? What can we do or help you find? If this company is in need of someone with good customer service and loves cannabis let me know people deserve better being the first in the valley.....valley pure
3 weeks ago
Not the greatest I've been to, the products looked cluttered on some of the shelves when I glanced. They were nice and had some cookies for everyone to take though. I was told the products I got were $20 but they were rang up as $25; it was still a good price so I took it. Just starting to smoke again so I got the lowest grades and they're still strong. 15%, 20% & 23-25% one had a hair in it when I opened it up....would still go back just won't go out of my way again.
3 weeks ago
Drugs bad for society. Just because it's legal doesn't make it right. Jesus didn't smoke pot so any christian or believer who says it's okay because man okay it. Is lieing to himself . We are God's temple and your polluting yourself just by the cough you can tell it's not good for you. God bless these people looking for manufactured happiness. Just look up and for Jesus Christ you can't ever go wrong.
a month ago
Hosted a demo earlier today here and it went great. The people are always amazingly happy to see me and excited for their deals. I am a brand ambassador for Heavy Hitters and it is a pleasure working with the staff here from time to time.
a month ago

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