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3 stars overall - Ordered 4 pre-rolled joints... (-1) for a somewhat limited selection of pre-rolled, heavy sativa or indica selections. Only 5 choices, one was out of stock, and only one of those was above 20% THC (DOC strain @ 21.23%) and... (-1) for freshness. They were 2-3 month old joints, except for the DOC strain. I don't care if it's in a somewhat sealed plastic tube. Bud dries and the quality lessens. Rotate the product so you offer the freshest, highest quality for the right price. @ $10-13 a joint, in a recreationally legal state, I think people want the highest quality bud available. The staff, however, was very inviting and kind. Being so close to Christmas, the place was a madhouse but they took care of everyone in a timely manner. I will be back before I leave from my vacation and hope to give some more products a try.
3 months ago
Unprofessional staff. Unprofessional manager. They gave me 5 dolars discount but I didn’t see it! I hated this place! Score 0000000!!!! One seller was super rude with me. Was so embarrasing!
3 weeks ago
Have you heard the expression "the customer is always right"? The staff here hasn't. Rude customer service, no knowledge about the product, overpriced products and poor selection. The place is beautiful. That is the only positive thing I got to say about the place.
4 months ago
This place is great easy to walk to and knowledgeable staff I have to say they had some of the best a little pricey but what can you expect when you're from 2000 miles away
4 months ago
Apothocareless only stands behind their products if you are a member. Purchasing as a guest is risky as they refuse to exchange inoperable cartridges. They wouldn't even test it because I bought it as a guest. Now I'm out the cash and my medicine. I have also been in numerous times to find their inventory lacking top shelf medicine. Thanks Apothecarium-Marina, you have given me a reason to get my medicine delivered by someone who cares about their guests as much as their members. I will definitely let my hotel guests know what dispensary not to purchase from.
6 months ago

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