General Questions

Medical marijuana is legal in Arizona, however recreational marijuana is not. The people of Arizona will vote to legalize recreational marijuana in November 2016. If passed Proposition 205 will legalize recreational marijuana use for individuals 21 years and older.

If you are a resident of Arizona (either as an adult or under 18 years of age), you may apply to receive a medical marijuana card. In order to qualify, you must be assessed by a doctor and have a “debilitating condition” like severe and chronic pain, cancer, etc. Arizona medical marijuana cards typically expire one year after the issue date.

For more information on how to apply, click here.

Although Arizona offers limited reciprocity for “visiting qualifying patients”, out-of-state patients cannot buy marijuana in Arizona at this time.

If you have an Arizona medical marijuana card, you can buy marijuana at one of the state licensed medical marijuana dispensaries located throughout the state.

Currently, you will need a valid medical marijuana card to buy marijuana in Arizona. If Proposition 205 is approved in November 2016 and recreational dispensaries are allowed to open, any valid government-issued identification (like a state ID or passport) will be accepted.

Medical marijuana patients are allowed 2.5 ounces bi-weekly. Patients who live 25 miles or further from a dispensary are allowed to grow up to 12 plants. If passed, Proposition 205 will allow individuals 21 years of age and over to possess up to 1 ounce of marijuana, up to 5 grams of concentrate, and grow up to 6 plants.

There are various types of marijuana to purchase including many strains of flower, concentrates (like hash and oil), edibles (including candy and baked goods), drinks, topicals and more.

Be sure to talk to your budtender about what you’re purchasing as different products will result in varying effects. For example, sativas tend to give the user an energizing, head high while indicas are known to deliver a full body, sedative high.

Although medical marijuana is legal in Arizona, you cannot consume it in public. Legally, marijuana must be consumed on private property. To avoid run ins with the law, be discreet and consume edibles or use a vape pen (which omits an odorless vapor).

There are nearly 80 medical dispensaries currently open in Arizona. Check out our Arizona dispensary listing to see the full list. State licensed recreational stores are dependant on Proposition 205 passing in November, in which shops will tentatively open a year or so after.

No, all marijuana purchased in Arizona must be consumed within the state. As marijuana is still illegal on a federal level, traveling with cannabis over state lines is 100% illegal no matter where you are or where you’re going (even if it’s to a state with legalized recreational and medical marijuana).

Yes. In 2014, the Arizona Court of Appeals ruled that Arizona’s medical marijuana law does not give immunity from prosecution if the user tests positive for THC.

As with other states with legalized cannabis of any kind, medical marijuana patients are not allowed to possess a gun or ammunition thanks to the federal Gun Control Act of 1968. Although this is a dated initiative, there have been no cases of users being prosecuted for owning a gun and being a medical marijuana patient.