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At SWC Arizona, we aim to be the premier provider of medical marijuana services and products for the state of Arizona, giving the citizens who suffer today a better, more natural way to mitigate their suffering and improve their lives.


To continue to be the industry leader in expertise, compliance, innovation, social responsibility and education while consistently exceeding our patients’ and partners’ expectations.


To offer financial and philanthropic support to and to work in partnership with local leaders, law enforcement, medical/healthcare providers and patient advocacy groups to ensure that our constituents benefit from our involvement in their communities.


“SWC Tempe, near Tempe Market Place is close, convenient and professional” – Blaine, Tempe

“Great prices and incredibly convenient for Mesa and Tempe residents.” -Tonia, Tempe

“The customer service at the dispensary is great. It’s like going where everybody knows your name.” – Bruce, Tempe

“”I have had all good experiences at SWC Prescott (203 Organix). They have friendly and helpful staff.
Good Location, good hours. The medicine keeps getting better. I love the rewards program.
I call SWC the “happy store”. – Randall, Prescott

“…the service is great. The few people that I see all of the time say ‘hi’ when I run into them outside of the shop.
That’s the difference to me between this dispensaries that I go back to regularly and
just another drive through.” – Kevin, Prescott




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Other Reviews

I recommend going to Nirvana for the flower. The staff was nice and everything, but the prices for little buds with big stems along with being really dry, just isn't worth paying for... Nirvana has fresh buds and they throw away whatever is dry or is mostly stems. Not to mention they have listed the side effects, and info of each strain on their menus in the lobby.
a week ago
Great deals today! My budtender was amazing! I picked up one of the $90 oz's.... Ghost train haze.... Very very good!
a week ago
Of all in the tri city area, swc is by far my favorite fast friendly staff. HUGE selection of great product's. Highly recommend stopping in!
a week ago
These people made me feel like family I love going there. At first I was kind of freaked out. But they walked me through thanks
in the last week
Great product. Great staff. Very knowledgeable place to pick up medicine
a month ago

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