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Other Reviews

Curaleaf Midtown has surpassed all other dispensaries, in my opinion, based on quality of product, quality of service, and quality of deals. I never leave here not having had the questions answered that I went in with. They take their time, are educated and informed, and seem like they actually care. Thanks guys!
in the last week
Need something quick it on the light rail route. Exit Thomas Rd from Phoenix Valley Metro Light Rail. Curaleaf is on West side of Central Ave Directly across from Light Rail Platform. Stop by and grab you a deal. Make sure your allotment is right in case in catch a great deal. Tell them Timotheus Walker sent you to get a lil something special.
a week ago
Great staff and great deals, Fridays are my favorite, usually a BOGO. Points workout well, as I had been able to redeem sub $100 purchase. Also, they are very informative and offer more than the dispensary. Recommended this to family and friends, which have been very pleased.
a week ago
My wife and I love it here. Organized well, steady supply of new items and well knowledgeable of their medicines. ?? Location is truly what adds the extra touch in my rating for it, as its literally right across from a lightrail station centrally located in the downtown Phoenix area,and just very convenient. I recommend Curaleaf Midtown to anyone wanting good staff ,good location and needing herbal medicine. Namaste
a week ago
Chill atmosphere. Out of a few items and only had the Select Unicorn Piss Flavored cart in a full gram. Liked how the place was setup though. Friendly bud tenders.
a month ago

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