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If you’ve never set foot into a Mary Jane’s, you’re in for a treat. We’re known for our friendly staff and comfortable atmosphere. In fact, we often hear it referred to as a “family feel”. We aim to make everyone feel welcome and invited, and completely at ease.

You will be greeted at the door and asked for ID. Don’t feel insulted, we’d card our grandmother if she came in. It’s the law. But come in a second or third time, and we’ll still card you, but we’ll also greet you by name. We value our clients and want them to feel safe, comfortable, and well taken care of. You’re our honored guest.

Once you’re in, you’ll work with one of our cannabis lifestyle consultants. These are more highly trained than most bud tenders you may have met. They receive extensive training in functional glass art as well as intensive training in cannabis knowledge. We even ask our farms to join in our staff training so that we can get very specific information about each farms practices and strains.

You will be asked a series of questions to assess where your experience level is, and what might best suit your wants and needs. We want you to have the very best cannabis experience, and asking questions is how we can get you there.

Once you’ve decided what to take home with you, a friendly staffer will finish the transaction and send you on your merry way with a smile and a heartfelt “Thank you!”

Ultimately, our dispensary is a happy place where we treat everyone as family, and genuinely want each of our guests to enjoy their experience both in the store, and after the store.


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Service Sundays
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10% OFF
Valid on Monday
Munchie Mondays - 15% Off Edibles
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Fat Tuesdays - 15% Off Quarter or More
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3 for $20 1 Gram Joints
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Last updated on Wednesday, September 20, 2017

No medical menu available for this location.


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Other Reviews

Mary Jane's is the only dispensary my husband and I will shop at. Other than their convenient location they also have a great selection. Low low prices and they're always getting new product in. Although it can get busy and times for the most part theres a very kick back attitude and the budtenders always have time to help customers find the perfect product for them. Budtenders are also extremely knowledgeable about all their products and about the laws surrounding them. I really love this dispensary and would recommend anyone to try them out, especially if you're looking for one that is easily accessible and full of really nice people
in the last week
I have been going here for over a year now. Their prices are a bit higher than Main Street but the experience is worth it. The service is prompt, friendly and the staff is genuine. They often have great recommendations. I have only been led astray in strain choice one time, which is pretty darn good.
2 months ago
This place is awesome and everyone there is so happy and helpful. Keep it up guys. You rock! (Also, they have reusable bags. Like how dope is that.)
a week ago
All around , a really cool place. I live near by and am a frequent customer. All of the staff are crazy nice and I will continue to be a customer for as long as I live in this area.
2 weeks ago
Ryan was wonderful! Very informative and knowledgeable. Thanks! Nice store. Covered all of our needs. We will definitely be back.
a month ago