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If you’re looking for medical or recreational weed in the Tacoma area, look no further!

Zips Cannabis is Tacoma’s best pot shop because we’re truly passionate about cannabis. We’re particularly proud of our menu—we like to mix things up and we’re always rolling out new products and fun deals.

We curate indica, sativa and state-of-the-art hybrids from Washington’s premier farms and our knowledgeable staff is excited to walk you through our massive selection of pre-rolled joints, THC topicals, vape cartridges, shatter, rosin, wax, kief, and crystals.

We’ve also got the full range of top-notch cannabis edibles, including soft chews, sea salt caramels, seasoning salt, brownies, CBD candies, chocolates, mints, and THC-infused soda.


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Other Reviews

ZIP's new location, staff, and inventory are amazing! I recently hurt my knee and have been hobbling around on a crutch. The doorman offered his chair to me while I was waiting to be helped. Then, the gentleman who assisted me was so attentive and really listened to my needs and provided an array of different options for me to choose from. I love the environment and the people. Thank you.
in the last week
So my wife went into zips for me to get an ounce that on the website was $60. They had told her they were out of the ounce bags but had them in 8ths so they put 8 8ths in one bag and I ended up getting charged $80 for a $60 ounce just because of the bags that the marijuana was in. I called and they told me that they don’t go off of the weight , that they go off of the bags which is pretty ridiculous to me. I shouldn’t have had to pay $80 for something that originally was $60 and all they could tell me was that’s how they do it. I even called before hand to make sure the price was correct and that they had it in stock. Go to green collard down the street, they match deals and they have better products.
a week ago
Extreme racial discrimination. A close friend of mine came in and was refused service although a counterpart was approved and continued to order. Please let me know what the difference between them was other than the obvious.They will never see my money EVER.
3 weeks ago
Great deals and awesome selection. Been shopping here for some time and their dab selection is incredible. Even the value stuff is on point.
a month ago
Love everything here and the females are all pretty amazing! I like a certain 2 but cant remember their names! But I always go to one of the three I like the best. I would always go here because of great deals and products
a month ago