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A good pot shop in the heart of downtown. The prices are rising but they have several shop bundle deals to make it not so bad. It's not wheelchair accessible or at least not safely. The budtenders are friendly and knowledgeable and always willing to explain terminology. The atm usually has a $2 charge and they dont have butane.
3 weeks ago
Hit Urban at the right time and it's like hitting the jackpot at the casino lol but I guess you have to go to the casino to hit one, I'd rather spend my money on weed staffs cool courteous and kind peace
a month ago
Don't be timid in this City of Destiny mainstay for Urban Bud makes you feel at ease. From the moment you walk in, you feel, you know their dedication to the client, the customer. Compassion and kindness unite in downtown Tacoma!
2 months ago
awesome collection and fast service. tons of flower to choose from and the joints are on point. there always seems to be some kind of sale and in usually surprised at how cheaply my order ends up being. the two atms cash out up to $400 at a time which is nice. i think 4 total check out lines, basically all of which are always staffed.
2 months ago
I would give 5 but its location is sketchy. They sell pot, at great prices, 5$ less usually then most. Small selection, great selection. Security dudes are awesome they make sure you feel safe. So super awesome guys. Bud tenders are the bomb, they don't push product, they explain their experience, and are super cool.
4 months ago