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Jessica and Miguel took good care of me. The deals here are amazing! Make sure you stop in and check them out if you are ever in need! They are awesome! Keep up the great work everyone!
in the last week
It's okay.. Doesn't have excellent customer service . The prices are not good . Parking is crammed into a small lot w/ other businesses & it's hard to get out when you want to leave the parking lot due to street traffic. The place that use to be two five trees is better in every way (3.5) star. I was just not feeling the vibe at this place. I went twice so I gave it a try ?? & now I'm done.
4 months ago
Stopped in while away on business. I gotta say I love the smaller shops where customer service flows like water.....They had it all from inexpensive outdoor to top shelf indoor and at the prices my wallet could afford. Even better I recieved a Military discount which is rad..The folks behind the counter listened to me go on and on about what I was looking for and I was super stoked with thier recommendation. So glad i chose this place . OH!! the Mexican restaurant next dooris super good. Got my weed and super burrito all in one stop!
2 months ago
Best prices and regular deals. Friendly staff. Very kind about returns and defective vape carts. My Go-to ship in tac!
a month ago
This will ALWAYS be my FAV shop. I need to visit more often. The staff ACTUALLY CARES about what you want and will work with you to find the right product. They have also always remembered me with such warm friendlyness it feels like stopping by a friend's house. The prices here are fair and they always have awesome deals. Can't wait for my next stop!
3 months ago