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I try to make this my one and only . Great people that will truly make every attempt to help you ..... thanks guys
in the last week
Edit: I misplaced my ID. I had a badge, a S.S card, a Photo ID in passes and temp ID from DOL. The manager said, "Yea; you won't be getting helped at this store." ?? 1. DOL said it is legal ID. 2. Federally accepted. 3. I have an account. 4. You know I am... A. Veteran and B. Over the age. 5. I left and called the WA L&D board and DOL. 6. Accepted ID; It is up to the discretion of CB to determine who they will assist and in what manner. 7. Called manager, She confirmed with a, "Yep". 8. Aside from internal policy the interaction was distasteful. 9. So it is in my discretion to no longer support.
2 weeks ago
Great selection, best prices and definitely look in the last chance case.. I picked up one of my favorite products at half price.
a month ago
I placed an online order for the Tacoma location. Upon arrival they tell us that they don’t have our order and that I must’ve placed the order with the Fife location. I showed them the text I received that clearly stated: “Your pickup order from Commencement Bay Cannabis (Tacoma) is ready for pickup!” and the only response I got was “oh.” They didn’t offer an apology or even mention that their menu was incorrect online. After I showed them that I wasn’t lying the conversation ended. They didn’t want to fix it. They didn’t want to talk to us anymore. They wanted us gone. They were very cold and offered absolutely nothing on behalf of being wrong. We drove all the way there for a product they said they had that they actually didn’t have and then they didn’t even want to own up to it or fix it. Worst service I have EVER, hands down EVER, experienced. If I could rate them 0 or negative I would. They shouldn’t be in business with attitudes like theirs. Please go elsewhere for your canna needs as they are also over priced and you can find the same brands they carry at other dispensaries for many dollars less.
3 months ago
I like the new store it's clear. You can see all of the products clearly displayed. Prices are moderate. Only thing I don't like is you have to put an order in and can't see a few different one a d make your own selection. Other wise it's a good store.
4 months ago

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