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Pricey but the staff are fun and knowledgable
in the last week
Loud, loud music, can’t even hear the budtender to make a transaction. They always seem to hire at least one person who is beyond obnoxious and makes for very unpleasant business. Foul language, over-the-top, in-your-face, lack of professionalism. Not all employees behave this way but enough of a problem that this is the last time I’d like to come in.
in the last week
Pls look in to kuse brothers there my number one favorite brand and there in wa!
4 weeks ago
Had great experience here! Great deals ??
3 months ago
This place ia my number 1 pick. Excellent staff. Has built rapport with me over the course of a year. I have waited until now to post a review. They are absolutely amazing as a company. Bud tenders that remember me and recommend exactly what i want. I grow cannabis for an i502 so im knowledgeable and they keep on par with what is hot. Nothing but 5 stars for me.
6 months ago