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 Locals Canna House is Eastern Washington’s Original CRAFT Cannabis Retailer

We aren’t just another Spokane dispensary… we take pride in providing the best cannabis experience to every person who walks through the door, whether it’s for recreational, medical, or health and wellness usage. We hand-select every product from local farmers to bring the freshest, highest quality cannabis to Spokane.


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Other Reviews

I have been a loyal customer since you open, putting my money into a place that did the right thing until today 4-19-19. Up until this point the staff has always been extremely professional with a plethora of knowledge about the products. I’m usually there about 2,3, or 4 times a month and even though I get the 10% off, not once have I taken it as a savings. Instead it goes right into the tip jar, most of the time if not more, simply just for honoring military veterans. I never purchase anything smaller than the 14g and when the larger size wasn’t available the manager would just sell me two qtrs at the price of the half. Not today, I was told by the manager that money would be lost. I went on to explain how before etc. Then reiterated the fact that you’re not losing it when everything I save goes into the tip jar. Still a no was her response. Tried to explain that the real monetary loss will be losing me as a customer. Especially when your not the only store in town. So thank you “Locals” for not knowing how to treat a loyal customer. Your so called “Loss” will now be “Sativa Sisters” profit. I guess the manager was right when she said “Locals” would take a loss.
2 months ago
I got great service the first few times I went to locals on Sprague, however all good things must come to an end I guess. due to the inconsistency in pricing and where I do and don't get my industry discount applied, I'll be spending all that money elsewhere. The pale red-headed female budtender could have been much more pleasant and I only ever went there for the cute blonde anyways.
3 weeks ago
Awesome staff, very personable, respectful, kind, and extremely helpful due to their knowledge. Never have to wait in line for more than 3 minutes.
a month ago
Great weed shop. Quality products at all price points & friendly service from their knowledgeable staff. They have a shrine to Willy Nelson on one side of their showroom that I find to be pretty cool. Now that I live out in the Valley this has become my favorite shop.
3 months ago
I donate plasma, twice a week, across the street, so initially, I went here because it was convenient. I've been going since they were in the smaller location in the same building. Most of my years have been spent going to "a guy", so I always just took whatever type they claimed it was. Now, I'm a kid in a candy store. Lol I was not very informed on all the brand's and strains available, but I am now. I have been to at least 3 other local shops, like apex. And I always seem to regret not coming here 1st. Almost every employee I've talked with, was very knowledgeable, friendly, and in 3 years I've only been disappointed with 1 recommendation. Which is a good average. And the variety was awesome, and I frequently get really good deals here. I don't know where these other reviews have been shopping if they think Locals is pricey. That's not my experience. Great selection of strains/edibles/oils/wax/accessories of all needs. Go here!
3 months ago

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