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The folks who staff this lovely little store are top quality, just like the products that they offer. Friendly, clean, and well stocked. I would give the place 6 stars out of 5 if I could. TNQ
3 weeks ago
Best weed shop on the peninsula! Average price is lower than other local shops, and they don't "drop" suppliers at the drop of a hat. I've been frustrated with other local shops, because once I find a product I like, they seem to drop them quickly. At nature's gifts, I know they'll have what I got from them the last time. I hate change
2 months ago
The employees working at Nature's gifts are knowledgeable and very helpful I appreciate their efforts at trying to find me the materials I'm looking for. All of the selections I chose were of high quality and excellent flavors and effect. I highly recommend this establishment to any at all users of the fine green herb. Signed Vicky's husband Jim
2 months ago
Got a wax cartridge from here my pen battery wouldn’t register it had another coworker trade on a completely different battery it wouldn’t work on that one either so I tried to bring it in and they ran a little test on it and said it worked perfectly fine and that they couldn’t take it back when I know it didn’t work and I know karma has a much better return policy and we take that back no problem, half of the staff there is really great and knowledgeable and friendly but the round of new hires that they brought in in the last six months I have done nothing but give me the wrong items have been rude, and just plain don’t know what they’re doing.
3 months ago
Hands down the best cannabis store in the northwest. All the workers are pretty laid back and helpful. They have so much selection and for the best prices. Every Saturday they have amazing sales, everything is 20% off on Saturdays so make sure to go check it out! You won't find better deals at any other shop I can promise you that.
4 months ago

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