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The Evergreen Market was founded in 2014 by Eric Gaston, Arne Nelson, and Jeff Anderson. They are three dads from Issaquah who met while their daughters were in the YMCA Y-Princesses. Each of the founders have diverse backgrounds, and it was their shared vision of creating a whole new way to experience retail cannabis that led them to opening Renton’s first cannabis store.

Prior to entering into the cannabis business Eric was a criminal defense attorney at a point in his career where getting up every day to go fight with other lawyers stopped being fun and rewarding. Arne, who spent his previous life launching tech startups and raising venture capital, was at a point where he wanted to use his gifts for building something new and meaningful. And Jeff, a lifelong entrepreneur and owner of a successful e-commerce company, saw an opportunity to create a business from the ground up in a brand new industry. Each brought a unique skillset to the partnership, and it was their shared commitment to each other to create a store and a brand that they could be proud of.

Having spent over a year, and countless hours vetting the retail cannabis industry in Colorado, they took the best of the shops they visited and endeavored to create an unparalleled customer experience that had at its foundation the core values or Educate, Celebrate, Elevate. They believed going into this that by educating customers on cannabis and the industry, and by celebrating retail cannabis rather than apologizing for it, they could elevate both the industry and the lives of those it touched.


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Other Reviews

This store has an unusual setup, with a security door inside, between the entry and shop. The staff here is friendly and helpful. The store is laid out with a different counter for different types of products. For example, there are separate counters each for prerolls, concentrates, flower, edibles, cbd products, and accessories, as well as other counters. It isn't awful, but it feels a little awkward to me. Prices aren't the best, but they aren't terrible either. All in all, the experience is positive; I visit this location about once a month. Only negatives are price, and the weirdly awkward layout.
a month ago
Lots of space to walk around unlike have a heart ass hole to belly button
4 weeks ago
Deja Vu! I like the fact that no matter which Evergreen market I go into they are IDENTICAL in their layout. Good thing I'm going in to get something. If I already have some, I'm probably baked and I would be confused as to what city I'm in; Renton OR Auburn? And I do frequent both shops, I like the layouts, OVERLY friendly & helpful staff. All that AND a nice selection with "normal" (not inflated) prices. Can't go wrong here.
2 months ago
Great selection. Love their "last chance shelf" with all the discounted items. Their vendors are quality selected. Their staff are all so knowledgeable around the product. Love it. I go in knowing that I will be taken care of.
2 months ago
I’m over shopping here, I would love to write a detailed breakdown of all the shortcomings of spending your money here but I won’t even waste my time. The capability of keeping regular inventory here is non existent and there is an excuse and every turn for why... time to look for another place to spend my money and I advise you do the same. The problems that exist with inventory and price here are only compounded by the fact they the owners try to run 3 establishments. Get things in order with your first before you replicate. Your tarnishing your brand and I’m sure hemorrhaging internally due to it. Today you lost a good customer.
3 months ago

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