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21+ Recreational Cannabis Retailer
Biggest selection, Best quality, Lowest prices


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Last updated on Thursday, September 1, 2016


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Has been my go to place for many years since its start. It has the best selection for the best prices. Most others are very expensive but this place has very affordable selections. Staff great. Do miss some of the previous employees but hey its business.
3 weeks ago
Very fast service that was knowledgeable and friendly. Thank you
3 weeks ago
Best pot in Port Orchard! Staff is friendly and knowledgeable.
a month ago
It was convenient at the time, because I buy my gasoline for my automobile @ Sedgewick Chevron, (the best gasoline for your car). I understand the politics & Federal Law prohibiting marijuana, but I'm a live-in aide for a lady who contracted Multiple Sclerosis, & the drug seems to alleviate some of the symptoms... This particle business wasn't inviting &/or very friendly. I felt like a criminal. They ID'd me @ the door; I'm 52 years old; it should have been done after I picked out the merchandise. It was difficult to pick out any particular product, because there was a enclosed barrier with glass, (like a bank or Western Union)... I just asked the sales girl for something light, (Sativa genus instead of a Indicus hybrid), psychotropic; I want my employer to be able to functional, not turn into a couch! (ha...). A $7.00 blunt of "Dreamscape" was purchased. I will not be returning... There are more friendlier places with a diverse inventory.
a month ago
Best weed shop on this side of the Narrows! Loyalty program, deals constantly, cool knowledgeable staff.
2 months ago

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