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21+ Recreational Cannabis Retailer
Biggest selection, Best quality, Lowest prices


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Last updated on Thursday, September 1, 2016


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Awesome deals and great staff! Wide selection of flower and concentrates. Honestly, if I could give more stars, I would...I love it here. :)
a week ago
Always leave the Zone ready to get stoned! Helpful and friendly staff. Wait is always super quick, if line exists at all. Budtenders are knowledgeably but still listen to their customers. I have been to dozens of dispensarys and this was a pleasant little surprise, they always have sales depending on the day, and they cover all the bases wether you are looking for concentrate, flower, or whatever.
a month ago
Great quality. Good service
a month ago
I like this place a lot, it's where I go every time I need some bud. However, triple check the prices before you pay, because often (and this wildly depends on who helps you) they won't discount items properly (they have specials for every day of the week). Otherwise, great selection and quality.
3 months ago
A lil more expensive than where I normally go (Sweet Jane), went in on a 'sale day' 25%off and got 99.1 dab, nice flower as well. Nice amt. for what I took home.
3 months ago

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