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Love this place!! I'm a loyal customer there. Great people and prices!!
in the last week
Great customer service and friendly staff and great product for the money
a month ago
WARNING: This review is given for the sake of public safety. No information at all is given by 420 Spot Shop on whether the weed sold by this store complies with WAC 246-70's regulations on pesticides, and testing for such chemicals. Don't take a chance smoking toxic bud; instead buy from a certified dispensary that cares for consumer health. That's YOUR health my friends. You're in control of it. The only way to get growers to grow weed organically and correctly is to stop buying their contaminated products from dispensaries. They'll change their tune due to their shrinking wallets, if not their guilty consciences. Weed should be healthy; when you add pesticides to it, it becomes the exact opposite of healthy. I want to like you guys. I really do. But there's not even a single sentence in your FAQ on the website about your stance on pesticide usage, LET ALONE any actual certifications, nor any mention of your weed being toxicity-free. Come on! If I am mistaken, dearest 420 Spot Shop, then please, by all means, reply as you have done with many other reviews; and provide proof that the marijuana you sell is all WAC 246-70 compliant and grown without the use of toxic, harmful pesticides. When this is done, I will GLADLY remove this review, AND, remove you from my growing list of dispensaries that should be subject to pesticide and heavy metal testing by the WSLCB. If you don't, just be ready to admit that you're totally okay with screwing over your customers; if not now, then later on in their lives. Fun Fact: Did you know that pesticide exposure has been linked to reproductive harm, birth defects, many types of cancer, and a plethora of other ailments? Look it up, and take a stand for consumer health and safety!
a month ago
Regardless what my clients may need or whatever their budget, this store is awesome. Friendly crew, helpful, and willing to remind the customer of a sale or to help older customers understand these newfangled concentrates and contraptions. Weed sugar-packets?! And their sales are crazy. Get the text notification, it's only 1/week or on holidays.
2 months ago
The employees there are Awesome! They are all very friendly and extremely knowledgeable! I learn something new Every Time I go in there! They also have great prices and deals! Thanks!
3 months ago

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