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Stay away! Went into the shop a couple weeks ago to buy a cartridge. It’s convenient for me as I live in Lynden. The Manager (Tyson) was working behind the counter, he knew it was my first time being in the store and seemed super friendly. We talked for a bit on what I wanted out of it and what I liked, we settled on a Smokey point Cherry Cookies cart. As I was checking out he gave the old spiel of “keep the packaging and the receipt, if anything happens or if it just quits working bring it back in and we will replace it.” This is very normal for any dispensary as the number of carts that fail is unfortunately very high. I’ve bought carts from other dispensaries and had problems, you bring it in with your receipt and packaging and they refund you so you can buy a brand new one. Like I said before, this is very normal! About 5 days or so later the cart just quit working, with about 1/2 of it left. I brought it in just like he said, had receipt and packaging. I go up to the counter and explain the situation and the lady working said she had no idea what I was talking about and that this wasn’t a thing. I told her that her manager himself told me it was a thing before I bought it and that it’s a thing at every other dispensary. She was very rude and pretty much told me that I had no idea what I was talking about, (I am very involved in the the cannabis industry and have a lot of friends that are. Including a manager at another dispensary.) I was pretty frustrated so I left and called when the manager was working. Tyson proceeded to tell me that this is not a thing and that he has never heard of this before. I asked him why he would say such a thing to me at the point of sale. His response was “well what I meant was if it was broke right out of the packaging.” I proceeded to ask him what I was supposed to do then, I have a 45$ cart that I bought from you that I maybe got 20-25$ of use out of. He said “contact the producer of the cart and they should replace it or refund you” I found this very funny as to WA state laws the producer/processor is not legally allowed to sell, give, replace or anything to the public. The only entity that is allowed to sell or anything to the public is a dispensary (Star Outlet.) I have since given up and moved my business back to Bellingham where it first was, I know they will take care of me. Multiple people told me to stay away from Star Outlet, and I’m wishing I did! It’s unfortunate as it’s really close to my house and really is a nice place with good product. Just needs to be ran better! Stay Away!
3 weeks ago
hella phat panda and its the best hella good prices
4 weeks ago
Close to home, great prices and employees!
2 months ago
Love the staff. Get prices
3 months ago
Very informative n they have great deals
4 months ago

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