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For the dead end town it is, Davenport has one of the best shops around. Prices are proper, product is quality, and the selection is diverse. The staff here are truly top notch cannabis enthusiasts who make it their primary directive to get you exactly what you need. Use a certain strain and it's not there? I guarantee whomever may be working there, as far as my experience has led me to believe, will be more than capable of suggesting something that will be just as good for you or better.
a year ago
Great prices and selection. Good people and knowledgeable staff. Very friendly too. Medical patients are well taken care of.
2 months ago
Great deals on great weed
2 months ago
Very nice clean shop. Small but very well stocked with high quality products and ample selection. *NEW* April 2019: I am very disappointed that the owner has gutted their discount program. Promises of 10% discount for showing a receipt from a prior visit was both cut down to 5% (who effin cares about FIVE PERCENT?) and eliminated from being added on to the 10% if you are there between 8-10 am; he is a real kill joy and last time I was in he seemed very distracted and inattentive, and argued with me and a budtender which was very uncomfortable. I will be giving my business to the other weed shop in town from now on. Pity. Nice shop otherwise, but the giving and taking away discounts has left a very bad taste in my mouth. The rank and file budtenders helpful with great suggestions, nice, friendly, knowledgeable about product and prices. But the owner (Rob?) is kind of unpleasant. The other mj shop in town seems eager for my business and I will gladly provide them.
3 months ago
Very very knowledgeable and helpful! They understand their product and can describe the differences and unique qualities for each one! Let them know what you are looking for and they will know what you need
8 months ago

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