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Great clean little store fantastic products great sales staff
in the last week
Central location, beautiful interior, friendly staff, good inventory.
3 weeks ago
Great place to go shop for all local prices in town
2 months ago
They have good product, but any time I ask a budtender for a suggestion (besides their manager) they always seem to suggest the lowest quality stuff they have. I'm not sure if it's the way I dress making them think I can't afford it, or maybe they assume I'm younger so I won't know/won't care about the difference in quality, or if they're simply trying to get rid of old product. Bottom line is; I ask for a suggestion (and usually only get that one suggestion instead of some options), they assure me it's good, and it ends up tasing like chlorophyll. It could just be me, but this is why I barely shop here. On a side note; the decor is really nice.
4 months ago
Being formally in the industry and new to the Key Peninsula, I was anxious to make sure I could find a great place to get my flower. I remembered through my previous employer (before moving and having a baby) that we had done an article in the magazine on The Root Cellar, so it was an easy first stop for me try out. Well, hands down The Root Cellar is by far my favorite. The staff is very accommodating with a vast selection of whatever source/stand to your liking, and the prices are no where close to a rip off, unlike some others in the area. If you are looking for great variety at a great price, with wonderful people to help you out with your cannabis needs, The Root Cellar is the place to go!
6 months ago

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