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Very nice looking store. People are knowledge and helpful.
2 weeks ago
Knowledgeable staff. Well organized.
a month ago
Nice store great variety of products at competitive prices!??
a month ago
Root Cellar was a total game-changer for my overall health and happiness. 3 weeks ago, I entered the doors of Root Cellar somewhat a skeptic & left 20 minutes later, surprisingly, with newly found confidence in sourcing the right product for MY individual needs, as well as a small bag of caramels that totally made my weekend. THE ATMOSPHERE: I felt like I was walking into a high-end spa, no joke. Root Cellar instantly reminded me of Sahra Spa, which I make a point to visit every time I’m in Vegas… sounds really bizarre, right… a cannabis shop = spa? (& full disclosure-I’m laughing even writing this b/c of how odd that sounds.) . I could tell they focused their efforts to construct an unforgettable cannabis shopping experience & had purposefully created an environment with a purpose that felt more than just trying to get people to buy something. It’s not like I was expecting Bob Marley posters on the walls & a strange smell coming from a back room, but I did drive up with a mediocre expectation level. However, this place was far from mediocre, and if you take a look from the photos here, you’ll see what I mean. I was pleased to see a modern, yet earthy aesthetic, an open-and-airy feel re: the products on display (It’s so distracting when too many options crammed together), an ATM on site, and a level of service that I’m writing this book of a review because of. THE SERVICE: As far a service, the man behind the counter warmly greeted me & was extremely helpful. I liked that my visit felt more like a consultation than shopping in a store. He first asked if I’d like his assistance then allowed me plenty of space to browse without being rushed or intensely monitored. As a native Texan, a new-ish Washington resident, I’m a novice to the legalized brick-and-mortar retail experience, so selecting the right (and correctly dosed) product for my needs isn’t YET an area I’m fully confident in without some help… & I think he may have instinctively picked up on that. He listened thoroughly to my medicinal & occasionally recreational needs, concerns, and requests, and then inquired deeper into what I was aspiring to accomplish, overall, from use of a cannabis product. After patiently hearing me out, I was comforted by his notably scientific, experienced / educated delivery in telling me about a variety of options he had behind the counter that I'd benefit from. Instead of delivering a “pitch” to buy the most expensive product on the shelf... (which I’m sure he could have done after I totally labeled myself as an easy target), he actually helped me find the best suited product for me, personally. Now, weeks later, I have zero regrets with my purchase of his recommendations. THE TAKEAWAY: If I stumbled upon Root Cellar in Seattle, then sure, I’d label it as A-Grade, probably buy a few things, and move on with my day… But for tiny Bellfair, WA, this place was delightfully unexpected. A hidden gem. The BAD news: After shopping here, I now know what a cannabis retailer can and should be delivering… I’ve got a bad feeling that my expectation level is now going to be too high if I choose to shop somewhere else. The GOOD news: From now on, I won’t have to think twice about where to shop for my cannabis needs. I’ll be going back to Root Cellar, without hesitation.
2 months ago
I stop by here almost daily, they have some if the most knowledgeable staff and they are super friendly. I feel welcomed here everytime, I drive 45min just to come here when there's a place 5min away from my house. Always leave with something good, they always have good suggestions. Let your tender pick for you, you wont be disappointed.
5 months ago

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