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Root Cellar was a total game-changer for my overall health and happiness. 3 weeks ago, I entered the doors of Root Cellar somewhat a skeptic & left 20 minutes later, surprisingly, with newly found confidence in sourcing the right product for MY individual needs, as well as a small bag of caramels that totally made my weekend. THE ATMOSPHERE: I felt like I was walking into a high-end spa, no joke. Root Cellar instantly reminded me of Sahra Spa, which I make a point to visit every time I’m in Vegas… sounds really bizarre, right… a cannabis shop = spa? (& full disclosure-I’m laughing even writing this b/c of how odd that sounds.) . I could tell they focused their efforts to construct an unforgettable cannabis shopping experience & had purposefully created an environment with a purpose that felt more than just trying to get people to buy something. It’s not like I was expecting Bob Marley posters on the walls & a strange smell coming from a back room, but I did drive up with a mediocre expectation level. However, this place was far from mediocre, and if you take a look from the photos here, you’ll see what I mean. I was pleased to see a modern, yet earthy aesthetic, an open-and-airy feel re: the products on display (It’s so distracting when too many options crammed together), an ATM on site, and a level of service that I’m writing this book of a review because of. THE SERVICE: As far a service, the man behind the counter warmly greeted me & was extremely helpful. I liked that my visit felt more like a consultation than shopping in a store. He first asked if I’d like his assistance then allowed me plenty of space to browse without being rushed or intensely monitored. As a native Texan, a new-ish Washington resident, I’m a novice to the legalized brick-and-mortar retail experience, so selecting the right (and correctly dosed) product for my needs isn’t YET an area I’m fully confident in without some help… & I think he may have instinctively picked up on that. He listened thoroughly to my medicinal & occasionally recreational needs, concerns, and requests, and then inquired deeper into what I was aspiring to accomplish, overall, from use of a cannabis product. After patiently hearing me out, I was comforted by his notably scientific, experienced / educated delivery in telling me about a variety of options he had behind the counter that I'd benefit from. Instead of delivering a “pitch” to buy the most expensive product on the shelf... (which I’m sure he could have done after I totally labeled myself as an easy target), he actually helped me find the best suited product for me, personally. Now, weeks later, I have zero regrets with my purchase of his recommendations. THE TAKEAWAY: If I stumbled upon Root Cellar in Seattle, then sure, I’d label it as A-Grade, probably buy a few things, and move on with my day… But for tiny Bellfair, WA, this place was delightfully unexpected. A hidden gem. The BAD news: After shopping here, I now know what a cannabis retailer can and should be delivering… I’ve got a bad feeling that my expectation level is now going to be too high if I choose to shop somewhere else. The GOOD news: From now on, I won’t have to think twice about where to shop for my cannabis needs. I’ll be going back to Root Cellar, without hesitation.
2 weeks ago
I stop by here almost daily, they have some if the most knowledgeable staff and they are super friendly. I feel welcomed here everytime, I drive 45min just to come here when there's a place 5min away from my house. Always leave with something good, they always have good suggestions. Let your tender pick for you, you wont be disappointed.
3 months ago
This an old review. I am only here in Belfair a few times a year. The first time I walked in to this place I was greeted by a friendly bud tender. I began to ask questions and I pulled out my cash to name my poison and then two derelict looking dudes walked in and my bud tender just walked away from me and began to take care of them. No "I'll be right back" or nothing. Just walked away. So I did the same. I walked away. I am not a reviewer who just clicks on stars to rack up points. i actually review my experiences and opinions. They may have good product but I would not know. I do know that they have extremely poor customer service. No Thank You...Jay
3 months ago
Everyone was really nice, and they have a great selection! I was really surprised how many different vendors they had in there. Nice pricing too!
4 months ago
There are choices of different growers, different size packages, and, of course, there are special deals. They also have edibles, lotions, waxes, and smoking accessories...I also saw informational brochures. I had questions and received a variety of excellent solutions from the staff on duty.
4 months ago

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