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The Evergreen Market was founded in 2014 by Eric Gaston, Arne Nelson, and Jeff Anderson. They are three dads from Issaquah who met while their daughters were in the YMCA Y-Princesses. Each of the founders have diverse backgrounds, and it was their shared vision of creating a whole new way to experience retail cannabis that led them to opening Renton’s first cannabis store.

Prior to entering into the cannabis business Eric was a criminal defense attorney at a point in his career where getting up every day to go fight with other lawyers stopped being fun and rewarding. Arne, who spent his previous life launching tech startups and raising venture capital, was at a point where he wanted to use his gifts for building something new and meaningful. And Jeff, a lifelong entrepreneur and owner of a successful e-commerce company, saw an opportunity to create a business from the ground up in a brand new industry. Each brought a unique skill set to the partnership, and it was their shared commitment to each other to create a store and a brand that they could be proud of.

Having spent over a year, and countless hours vetting the retail cannabis industry in Colorado, they took the best of the shops they visited and endeavored to create an unparalleled customer experience that had at its foundation the core values or Educate, Celebrate, Elevate. They believed going into this that by educating customers on cannabis and the industry, and by celebrating retail cannabis rather than apologizing for it, they could elevate both the industry and the lives of those it touched.


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Other Reviews

This is my absolute favorite pot shop! The budtenders are very friendly and knowledgeable and are very good at helping u find exactly what you want and/or need! Not to mention the layout of the store is very open and easy to locate exactly what your looking for. Also if you're in a hurry can just order online through their website and go pick up your purchase in about roughly 15-30 min later! They also have a pretty good rewards program which is worth signing up for if you're a regular customer such as myself!
in the last week
Love this store. Good and bad experiences. Some budtenders are better then others. The only down side is product shown at counter isnt the same as product at register. FYI always look at what your buying. Love this store.
a week ago
I have gone to your shop for quite some time now. Amazing customer service and good prices. Ashley is my favorite budtender. Goes above and beyond for my needs. Every time I go to make my purchase, Sara almost always rings me out. She is so sweet and always makes me feel welcome! Plus very fast and always makes sure I got my discount points for the day. I'm glad you guys hire people like these two!!!
3 weeks ago
The staff is always friendly and knowledgeable. Excellent selection of flower, concentrate and other products If you're looking for more glass there's a glass store conveniently located right next door too.
3 weeks ago
First time customer, was greeted with a kind and welcoming smile. We were helped with our Strains, and questions were answered in a professional manner. Even though my mother, embarrassed me with her non-knowledge of Cannabis whatsoever. Awesome staff, I would come back in a heartbeat
4 months ago

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