Rent a Vape

Seattle, WA
Phone: 206-587-5874
Rent-a-Vape started with a single goal: To provide the highest quality equipment for your herbal consumption. We strive to provide the highest quality equipment. We promote the safe and responsible consumption of herbs, and believe the transition to vaporizers is an important step to reduce harm associated with smoking. Whether you are renting for a party, event or tour, we hope that you enjoy your vaporizer experience and decide to transition to this safe, efficient and effective method to enjoy legal herbs.

The Boro School

1300 S Dearborn St
Seattle, WA 98144
Phone: 206-284-5277
See if FlameWorking is for you! This three-hour hands-on experience is our most offered course. We will have you spinning solid glass in the flame, making your first marbles! This class begins with a studio and equipment safety overview, then proceeds directly into a demonstration before you hop on the torch yourself. Students will get to attempt several styles of marbles and get to take home their creations. No prior experience required. $150. Private and group lessons also available. Held almost every Friday night from 6-9pm