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White 91 (Krome's The White x Chem91 Skunk VA) X Girl Scout Cookies


Bred by Tierra Rojo - In his own words, "Using the Girl Scout Cookies "Forum Cut" as the mother and a freak White '91 (Krome's The White x ChemDawg '91 Skunk VA) male as the pollen source, this hybrid produces plants which mostly resemble the GSC in structure, but with an additional boost of trichome density and aroma from the pungent White '91 line. The Chem '91 part of the equation adds a needed boost of sharp flavor which enhances the often musky-minty terpene profile of the GSC."


Not the Wookies highlighted on the Green Dot Labs website (by Bodhi), this is the Tierra Rojo creation of 2012-2013 vintage.


The flowers and the plant both resemble an OG/Triangle/White structure of plant, with a bit less stretching than the traditional clone-only OG cuts do.


Very OG Kush smelling, the White side providing the profile if not the pungency (something The White is oft void of entirely).


As Tierra Rojo promises, the Wookies has a more dominant Chemdog profile to the pallete bringing in a lemon sour component to the traditional sweet/musky mouth of the GSC forum cut.


Pushy indica hybrid hitiing the sour and piney terpene components across the board.


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