A cross of the award-winning White Widow with an Afghani to increase yields and add more of an Indica effects package, White Rhino is a stout and sturdy plant that hardly stretches at all in flowering.  The Afghani genetics improve heartiness and disease/mold resistance while also shortening the flowering time slightly.


White Widow x Afghani


Coming off of the success of White Widow, Greenhouse seeds wanted to combine the notorious potency of that strain with something that yielded slightly more and was even easier to grow.  The results of that breeding project is White Rhino, a more Indica-dominant version of the Widow.  After the split of Greenhouse Seeds founder Shantibaba from the company, he re-packaged the strain as "Medicine Man", retaining the original genetics.  Nirvana Seeds is known for creating versions of famous strains, and this is no exception — most people consider the Nirvana version of lesser quality and prefer the Mr. Nice version over any other.


Not really known for its flavor or smell, it's mostly a musky vegetal smell.


Hashy and a bit harsh normally, with some phenotypes/plants producing a more lemon taste.


Very potent and resinous, White Rhino takes after its Afghani father, with a strong and sedative body effect that comes on quickly after first hitting the eyes.  Borderline narcotic, it's best as a nighttime or lazy day medicine, as it can become difficult to do much of anything while in its grip.  Strong sedative qualities make this strain a good medical choice for mental and physical relaxation, anti-anxiety, sleep aid, and pain relief qualities.

Grow Medium

An easy-to-grow plant, it will do well in either soil or hydro, with soil bringing out the most flavor.


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South Indian, Brazilian, and Afghani — developed in Amsterdam, Netherlands


Greenhouse Seeds, Nirvana Seeds, and Mr. Nice Seedbank (available as "Medicine Man")

Strain Type

Indica-dominant hybrid

Flowering Time

8-9 week, with 9 recommended to unlock the full yield/flavor potential.

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