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A combination of two of California's most famous and popular strains, this one seems to have taken on the appearance of the Urkle with its radiant purple tones while taking on the OG Kush's distinct flavor.



Soil, fuel, and that distinct Kush scent (mix of spices, often described as similar to ginger ale).


Much like the smell, it was definitely Kush-dominant, with an earthy tinge to it.


Very relaxing and sedating, it was a bit of a creeper, not reaching its full effect for about 30 minutes.  It was a "down then up" type of experience, with the effects lifting later in the duration and returning the patient to a normal state with a slight boost of energy.  This strain is recommended for clear-headed yet effective pain relief, mental/physical relaxation, mood elevation, slight pain relief, and sleep aid in higher doses.


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