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Triangle is a super-rare clone-only strain that originates in Florida. The name comes from the three marijuana-producing capitals of Florida, which are Jacksonville, Miami, and Tampa. Many people believe that Triangle is the mother of the OG Kush genetic line, as it was around in the early 1990s and carries all the hallmarks of a world-class OG Kush.




The very large, teardrop-shaped calyxes result in super-dense buds which are covered in a thick layer of some of the largest trichome heads we've ever seen.


It has perhaps the most pure and strongest OG Kush aroma we've encountered, with a pungent blend of lemons, spice, and floor cleaner that will raise the eyebrow of anyone questioning the "mother of OG Kush" story.  To us, it tastes and smells like Ghost's OG Kush on steroids — just more of everything.


Pine, gas, fuel that OG Kush is famous for.


The effect is similar to OG Kush as well, but with a fairly large step up in potency, felt much more strongly in the eyes and face than Ghost's OG and at times bordering on racy to start.  Mental processes are clear and active, sociability and creativity is stimulated, but the body has a wonderful warming, floaty relaxation the entire time.


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