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The "bag appeal" for this one was very high, and it boasts a complex taste and smell package led into a supremely energetic but unfocused state that may be good for creativity but made it a little difficult to deal with daily tasks. This was a very strongly Sativa experience, complete with slight "crash" at the end — people who cannot handle the racy varieties should steer clear of this one, as that was its main property.


Apollo 13 x Jack The Ripper


Bred by TGA/Subcool to produce a fast-flowering tropical flavored Sativa


Claw shaped wasabi green calyxes, formed in loose open spiral clusters, with pale gold pistils, an average density of very short, average-stalked trichomes with average heads


Reminding us of expensive hand soaps, tropical fruit and dryer sheets, the aroma from the Third Dimension was a relatively sweet pine-citrus sharpness. with a little whiff of skunk The sweet elements came out more after a grind, but it was relatively pungent even in the jar.


Much like the aroma but less pungent, the flavor was an odd, yet appealing mix of citrus chemical pine and an almost flowery/perfumed sweetness. We wish it was more pungent, but it was a bit of an ethereal taste.


The primary mental effect was a sense of an almost frenzied focus that would jump between things but rarely stayed on the "important" ones… a scatter-brained focus if that makes sense. Due to that, the energy didn't feel particularly productive and left us unsure what to really do with ourselves at times. That eventually passed and left a much more focused and productive state, though without the buzzing energy… this med left us feeling a little drained by the end.


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