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The Tang Tang is from Grindhouse Medical Seeds' Sonja line (derived from Blockhead but Sativa-dominant) and adds some needed heft, vigor, and yield to the normally stingy Pre-'98 Bubba Kush mom.  The different phenotypes are almost like different strains, with the Bubba-dominant phenos taking on the rounded shape and large calyxes of the mother, and the Tang Tang growing pointed colas with leaves coated from stem to tip with trichomes.  A skilled selection process will yield incredible results with this one.  


Pre-'98 Bubba Kush x Tang Tang males


This strain was released in 2010 by Grindhouse Medical Seeds.  The particular phenotypes shown above were isolated by breeder "Tierra Rojo" during that same year, in an effort to find the two ends of the parental spectrum.


The Bubba-dominant plants definitely recall the mother, but have a less foreboding and musky aroma, seemingly being freshened up by the herbal and zesty Tang Tang.  Both phenos have notes of incense, hash, citrus, and the backing  deep chocolate/coffee notes of the Bubba, but the Tang Tang just has less aroma overall, smelling mostly of the trichomes that coat every surface.


With a background of the Bubba dankness, the flavor is lightened up by the Tang Tang, adding elements of citrus and herbs.  The flavor isn't overwhelmingly strong like a proper Bubba is, but it hands in the mouth in much the same way, reminding the user of the flavor seemingly at random for a while after smoking.


The Tang Tang adds a potent package of head effects and seems to step up the overall potency of the Bubba.  The Tang Tang phenotypes have a very strong head presence, with a feeling of a boulder rolling around inside the back of the skull at times, as well as quite a bit of eye pressure fluctuation.  It has major mood elevating properties as well, finishing cleanly and without any sort of crash — it makes for a versatile medication suitable for day or night use.  The Bubba-dominant phenotypes are definitely heavier, and if let go long will pack quite the narcotic punch, aiding sleep and relaxing muscles.

Grow Medium

Grows well with heavy training such as "super-cropping", as the Tang Tang line adds more flexibility and strength to the often brittle Bubba branches.  Either phenotype produces much larger yields than the Bubba, with the Tang Tang phenos being especially prolific.  The nugs produced are extremely dense, so bud mold can be an issue in higher-humidity environments.  The Tang Tang plants will stretch at least twice their height when flowered, while the Bubba-dominant phenos stay slightly more compact.


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