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Like many Sativas, this one hit our staff a bit differently depending on the time of day and incoming mood — your experience may vary according to the same. It's definitely a strong Sativa though, which we would probably peg at around 85%… the effects package was almost entirely mental and/or body energy. While the taste was a bit confusing, the rest of the appeal categories were definitely above-average, displaying very traditional Sativa structure and texture that's always nice to see. We recommend this to those patients who are looking for a Sativa to give them a boost of energy but don't mind a possible bit of anxiousness — depending on how it affects you, your mental state should still be active and engaged… whether or not the body follows along is another matter.


((Heirlom Thai) x (Landrace Ruderalis) x Danish Passion) x Short Term Amnesia


Bred by Bald Monkey seeds to be an early-finishing autoflowering Sativa variety


Not very pungent in the jar at all, this strain had a sweet-sour and slightly putrid tropical fruit bouquet when ground up, reminding one reviewer of papaya. This was a fairly unique smell, though not pungent enough to be all that impressive.


The majority of reviewers picked up on darker sweet flavors, such as roasted marshmallows, coffee, and nuts… but one reviewer (using an Incredibowl) caught a faint distinct yet disitinct fruit skin taste that danced peach skin that and grapefruit peel as the bowl burned.


Rushy thoughts immediately crept into our heads as this medication took hold, energized and borderline anxious with mental energy as well as a physical buzzing throughout the body. It could certainly be described as "heart-racing" at first — it really felt strongly Sativa from the outset, hitting the eyes and head with lots of pressure fluctuations as well and inducing a cerebral, philosophical, and slightly psychedelic mental state. Our team was a bit split on the rest of the experience, with half of us reporting a fairly functional (yet rushy and a bit spacey) energy and the other half feeling mentally energetic but not feeling like doing much of anything. We all agreed that it left us a bit drained after the fact though, as it returned us to a normal energy level, then dipped below that to the point where we were actually drowsy-feeling.


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