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Sour Kush is an amazingly frosty Sativa-dominant hybrid which combines the best elements of Kush and NYCD into one powerful package.  With large calyxes reminiscent of the best Kush cuts, and a cutting, acrid aroma that is easily detected from across the room, Sour Kush has earned a place in the upper echelon of cuttings available.  Bred originally by the elite grower society the "Devil's Harvest Krew", the Sour Kush is an enduring symbol of their talent for picking winners amongst large-scale breeding experiments.



Originally bred by Devil's Harvest Krew member "ThaDocta", Sour Kush was created in 2002-03 and the breeding project resulted in another winner of a plant, which was dubbed "Smelliot".  The Sour Kush is sharper-smelling and more potent than the Smelliot, but they are very similar.


Spicy and fuel-tinged, it also has some definite citrus elements present.  It's a very sharp-smelling Kush, getting a boost in pungency from the NYCD's citrusy punch.


Sharp and aggressive, it retains some of the smoother Kush elements, but is NYCD-dominant overall, with a super sour and acrid flavor that lingers on the palate.  A sharper, more astringent version of NYCD is what Sour Kush is often described as, but some low-lying Kush flavor can be detected.


The initial 30 minutes of this strain can be a little much for some people, as it starts very strong and borders on psychedelic at times, increasing the heart rate and causing some racing thoughts.  Energetic and heady to start, it transitions into a more Kush-heavy state of alert, smooth body relaxation where the body feels light, buzzy, and capable.  Sour Kush elevates mood, increases appetite, and reduces tension/pain, while keeping the user mostly capable and aware (the initial attack aside).

Grow Medium

Does well in both hydro and soil, but doesn't like a lot of feeding in general.  It yields better than Ghost or SFV, but it takes an expert hand to get the most out of her.


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