The sweetest and quickest to harvest of all the original ChemDawg varieties, the SnowDawg (sometimes known as "Super SnowDawg") yields well and forms pointed light green colas which appear almost white with trichomes.  The influence of the Bubbleberry is evident in the aroma and flavor, which sweetens up the often acrid Chem family.


Bubble Chem [Chem Sister x Sagarmatha's Bubbleberry] x (Mass. Super Skunk x Oregon Sno)


This strain came out of the latter ChemDawg projects happening on the East Coast, using many of the same genetic lines which ended up in Sour Diesel and others, including the Massachusetts Super Skunk.  Chem Sister (sometimes "Chem's Sister") is one of the original seeds popped which produced the family line, but is one of the rarer cuts and doesn't have the reputation that the Chem '91 does.  Sagarmatha's Bubbleberry was a special plant at the time, and added heft and sweetness to the equation, while the male used came out of a cross of a Mass. Super Skunk female and an Oregon Sno male.


SnowDawg has a tantalizing and complex aroma which really develops as it is broken apart.  A softly sweet and earthy aroma in its undisturbed state gives way to a blend of fruity sweetness, chemical funk, and earthy citrus that recalls its Chem family origins but seems wholly different.


There are many elements of the aroma present in the flavor, but there is a more direct Chem element, while still displaying a very healthy almost floral sweetness.  The smoke is smooth and crisp, with a mentholated quality which leaves the mouth feeling clean.


Extremely uplifting from the start, SnowDawg has an almost euphoric mental effect which fills the user with energy, positivity, and creativity.  It calms down a little bit as it goes along, but the focused and clear-headed state that composes the rest of the experience is perfect for daytime or early evening use.  Patients seeking relief from depression, anxiety, light muscle pain/tension, or migraines will find great relief here, and it just serves as a wonderful mood elevator, with little 'ceiling' and high value as an all-day medication.

Grow Medium

Responds well to training rather than topping, as it produces a good yield from the main colas and will branch out a bit if super-cropped.  As a rule, growing this one in soil gives the most pungent aroma and flavor, while hydro will produce a slightly more impressive-looking plant with additional resin coverage.


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Eastern United States


Clone only

Strain Type

Sativa-dominant hybrid

Flowering Time

8 - 9 weeks

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