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We really enjoyed the effects of this strain, which served to really energize us through the peak of the effects without ever feeling anxious or overwhelming. SK9 seemed to go with the flow of the day, making us feel comfortable and capable at nearly any project we took on. The second half came with some drowsiness, but a quick re-medication would fix that. The crisp Haze-influenced aroma and taste were both pleasing, if a bit indistinct, and we had no real complaint about the appearance. We like this strain as a daytime motivator, or perhaps as an after-work "up-then-down" type of med, where you can get things done and then ease into a relaxing night.


Skunk Haze x Early Girl


Spade-shaped woodland green sepals, arranged in closed stack calyxes, with bursts of ocher pistils, and above-average coverage with short-stalked hooked trichomes with large heads


Sweet and spicy, this strain's Skunk lineage was evident from the start. Though it wasn't an overtly pungent strain, it definitely made its presence known, especially when broken apart. This reminded us of some old school strains for sure, with a fresh quality that brought to mind some of the Haze Skunk hybrids such as Jack Herer.


Crisp and fresh, it had a taste that almost reminded us of sweet peppers, with some spicy qualities and a hint of sweetness. The smoke was super-smooth and caused almost no coughing, hitting the throat softly and not expanding much at all.


After finishing the review samples, we became immediately alert-feeling, energized, and motivated to complete various household tasks. While it did lower the eyelids and redden the eyes a bit, there were no other noticeable signs of being medicated, as we felt completely capable in complex conversations and tasks. While this one wasn't a total pain reliever, there was some element of relief, mainly in the neck and shoulder areas. As it progressed beyond 1.5 hours, it definitely became more sedate and relaxing, even bordering on tiring. This is a common occurance with very "uppy" strains, as going back to normal often seems like a dip, when it's really just returning to the median.


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