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Though it won a Cannabis Cup way back in 1994, we didn't expect a whole lot from this strain, simply because it's very old-school and contains strains that make our collective shoulders shrug. However, this strain showed us that old Dutch seedbank material has its good points, as it provided a great Sativa-hybrid experience and a huge dose of fresh, sweet, fruity notes in both the flavor and the aroma. This particular grow was mostly without flaw, and we especially liked seeing the array of cloudy trichomes, which seems increasingly rare (we often see a bunch of clear heads with patches of ambers mixed in rather than a true progression). While its strong start and at times racy effect may get on top of some inexperienced patients, it was moderately potent overall and would be suitable for daytime relief for mid-to-experienced patients. This is a strong first KindReview for Green Mountain CARE, and we look forward to seeing more choices from their garden.


Early Pearl x Skunk #1 x Northern Lights #5


Bred by Sensi Seeds to create an easy-to-grow stress-resistant varietal for indoor cultivation


Claw-shaped asparagus green sepals, arranged in tight closed cluster calyxes, with bursts of burnt umbre pistils, and average coverage with thick-stalked wavy trichomes with large heads


We were almost taken aback at how nice this sample smelled, both in the jar/bag and once it was broken up or ground. It reminded us of some of the better Jack Herer/Jack Flash samples we've had, except with more of the candy sweetness you find in something like Island Sweet Skunk or Cotton CandyRomulan. Sweet, fruity, and floral, it has elements of rose petals, grape candy, and fresh citrus cleaner — these aromas seem to blend and appear at different times, making for a complex and enjoyable experience. While not outwardly pungent like something in the Diesel/Kush family, it was a strong and bold aroma nonetheless.


While it's worth noting that one reviewer didn't seem to care much for the flavor and noted some harshness when burning, the rest of the staff had no such complaints. We got a very fresh, lightly sweet and fruity flavor that seemed to match the pre-grind smell for the most part. It had notes of eucalyptus, citrus, and flowers on the initial hits but burned away into more of a lightly spicy (yet still sweet) flavor that brought to mind cinnamon. The smoke was extremely smooth for the majority of the staff (one using a glass pipe, one using an IncrediBowl) and coughing was minimal. The final ash finished with some dark areas, indicating that a longer or more thorough flush would have been beneficial… that didn't affect the flavor much in our estimation, however.


The effects of this strain were noticed almost immediately after exhaling, with the usual package of Sativa pressure effects rising up into our heads. A fluttery, light feeling in the torso area and an major uptick in both mood and mental activity also added to the Sativa start we experienced. It bordered on anxious at times, but its background body relaxation seemed to help keep us calm and in a positive, borderline euphoric mood. While it was difficult to concentrate on one thing, it seemed to aid with overall mental activity, making some of the staff feel like multi-tasking machines, jumping capably from task to task but never lingering. The fairly excitable state declined in potency after about an hour, then shifted gears at about 1.5 hours to a more relaxing state that lost the at-times anxious edge. The effect's endurance was also somewhat surprising, lasting at a medicinal level for 2 solid hours, then declining quickly from there but lingering in the eyes for a full 3 hours.


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