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A wonderful example of hybrid vigor, this strain brings together two strains on nearly opposite ends of the spectrum in the 70+ day flowering Sativa-dominant Sour Diesel and the burly, hashy, trich-covered Indica Deep Chunk.  The flavor and scent expression of the parents changes slightly depending upon medium, phenotype, and growing conditions.  It normally finishes a deep purple color, with both leaves and calyxes darkening as it approaches harvest time.


East Coast Sour Diesel x Tom Hill's Deep Chunk


Bred by Tierra Rojo, this strain has made a home in the Colorado medical marijuana scene, but a special phenotype also still appears in its home state of Texas as the "Texas Hog Plum".


As it's growing, the plants have a deep green and purple coloration that stays intact through harvest and drying/curing.  Most plants have large hooked calyxes that "crown" as the plant reaches maturity, with very fat trichome heads which make fabulous water hash.  It has a moderate amount of leaf coverage, but the main colas are thick and have a better calyx-to-leaf ratio than the lower branches.


The ECSD comes through most clearly in the scent, which has strong notes of rubber, fuel, skunks.  However, there is a creamy, hashy Deep Chunk sweetness that manages to make its way to the forefront now and then.  The astringent aromas dominate post-grind and this is a strain that is easily-noticed from several feet away when disturbed.


When properly-grown, a deep flavor which nearly matches the pungency of the aroma lingers on the palate after smoking.  The flavor is slightly hashier than the aroma, but still has clear skunk, rubber, and fuel elements, especially on the attack.  The smoke tends to be fairly thick and can cause coughing, but if well-trimmed and cured, it can be very smooth for such a potent smoke.


A buzzing throughout the face and head comes on with an immediacy that definitely brings to mind the Diesel side of the family.  It also tends to hit the eyes quite a bit, at times making them burn with effect and continually fluctuating pressure.  The early part of the duration feels rather Sativa in nature (though on the "stoney" and narcotic side of that spectrum) and improves mood while also providing such strong initial potency that it would be difficult to fall asleep.  However, that changes rather quickly (normally around the 1 hour mark) and the Deep Chunk seems to take hold, filling the body with a buzzing relaxation and bringing the mental pace down quite a few notches.  This strain is most suitable for an evening burst of cerebral activity leading into relaxation and eventually sleep.  It's also useful as an all-day medication for users who can continually consume smaller amounts and remain in the Sativa parts of the effect.

Grow Medium

While it performs just fine in hydro, these plants tend to really respond to a robust soil or soilless mix, something that will keep them deep green and healthy until it's time to flush.  It forms fairly strong central colas but also has a good amount of leaf, making pruning and a judicious trim necessary.  It handles training well and works for SCROG much better than it does in a single cola SOG style setup — medium sized plants (around 3') tend to taste and smell best.


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