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S.A.G.E. stands for "Sativa-Afghani Genetic Equilibrium", indicating that the mission for this plant was to provide the best of both worlds.  Many believe that's the case, as this plants has been extremely popular, with some elite selections being grown, cloned, and passed around for 10+ years now.  While it is certainly a hybrid, S.A.G.E. is clearly Sativa-dominant, with some phenotypes going out to 80 days flowering.  Its Haze-heavy mother shines through in the effect and the appearance.


Big Sur Holy x Afghani


A very special Hazy Sativa plant grown at a monastery in the Big Sur area of California (later known as "Big Sur Holy Weed") is the mother to this line.  Adam Dunn used his workhorse Afghani male to balance out the rangy Holy Weed and provide better structure as well as a more palatable flowering time.  S.A.G.E. is considered as T.H.Seeds' flagship strain and is one of Dunn's favorites to this day, being entered as recently as 2012 into the High Times Denver Medical Cannabis Cup's Sativa category.  A couple of special S.A.G.E. cuts are out in the clone scene currently, with the "FoCo S.A.G.E." (out of Ft. Collins, Colorado) perhaps being the most sought-after for its incredible Sativa effect and punchy, spice-heavy aroma.


The plant itself tends to grow with pointed colas which bulk up considerably by finish, with some getting into the "soda can" realm.  The long pistils and large calyxes  make this one fairly easy to trim and also makes for a smooth, easy smoke thanks to the lack of leaves.  Lime green with creamy orange pistils, the trichomes tend to be shorter with large, bulbous heads and medium-thick coverage overall.


A spicy Haze scent with notes of sandalwood, bay leaves, garlic, and a light Dutch Haze type of sweetness at times, which comes through heavily in certain phenotypes.


Though the quicker-finishing Afghan-heavy phenotypes are at times sweet, the flavor of the most prized cuts is similar to its namesake, with a bouquet of spice-like flavors with a fresh nature — this one tastes like a true Sativa, reedy and clean on the palate with an expansive but smooth smoke.


A true hybrid, it starts out strongly Sativa, with an increase in eye/face pressure, an uptick in heart rate, and racing, at-times disjointed thoughts.  While not incapacitating mentally, it does slow things down simply because the mind is being pulled in many different directions, following flights of fancy and craving interaction.  Good for creative pursuits but not as much for settled, detail-oriented work, this one is most conducive to spending a day having fun outside or an evening being productive at home.  The body effects also tend to start off rather early, warming the limbs and core and relaxing the muscles so that they feel loose and floppy.  This is a great daytime strain, giving a boost of energy and also relieving body tension and mental stress, a mostly-functional strain perfect for those who stop just short of the raciest, most cerebral varietals.

Grow Medium

Responds well to training, more than doubles its height in flowering.  Produces well and will continue throwing out white pistils if fed any type of nitrogen in flowering — this is acceptable though, as the extra bulk overall is worth the additional time.


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