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When an LA Confidential plant produces seed stock unexpectedly, the DNA crew grew them out and isolated a freak phenotype, then crossed it with a particularly Indica-leaning Cannadential.  The resulting plant is a strong Indica with very frosty and dense buds.


Freak S1 LA Confidential (O.G. LA Affie x Afghani) x Cannadential


Fruity and sweet, with a hashy background


Sweet and fruity, with an expansive, rich smoke


Hitting behind the eyes and in the forehead to start, it quickly transitions into a strongly Indica experience, with a warm body and relaxed muscles.  Mood elevating but slightly narcotic, the LA Confidential is great for minor pain, relaxation, reducing anxiety, and increasing appetite.

Grow Medium

Heavy yielder, produces dense colas and works well for SOG applications.


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