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Unknown; thought to be a Bubba Kush S1


Puss Kush is often called Pussy Kush or PK, though PK should be used to refer to Pure Kush only.  While Puss Kush greatly resembles the Katsu Bubba Kush (one variety some people refer to as Pre-98), it does have a nose of its own. There are some stories claiming that Puss Kush is is a cross between Bubba and Catpiss, while at least one well respected breeder suggests it is simply a really nice Bubba S1.  While Puss isn't the hype strain of the true PK (Pure Kush) which is truly Suge's Pure Kush and not the oft copied versions floating around (SoCal Pure Kush, et al), it is a wonderful expression of Kush genes.


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