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A slow vegging plant due to the Urkle influence, it often finishes a deep shade of purple, but many plants finish as a very dark green.  At times a good yielder, there is a lot of variation in phenotypes, so it required diligent selection to find a real winner.


Double Purple Doja x Urkle x Purple Cheese


Sweet and incense-heavy, it also has hashy/earthy elements that come out to varying degrees.


Spicy, sweet, and pungent in its ideal form, at times it's simply earthy with a hint of incense.


Not like a normal Purple strain in that the Sativa influence takes the edge off of the normally narcotic qualities of the Purple family.  To start, it actually feels rather Sativa in nature, starting strongly with a package of head pressure fluctuations and a slightly excited, floaty body.  The second half gets more sedate and relaxing on a base level, trending towards couchlock and even aiding sleep at higher dosages and depending on context.  Appetite stimulation was a big part of this strain, and it otherwise provided a solid hybrid relaxation, both mentally and physically.


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