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This "purple" was better than many in that it didn't leave us feeling totally groggy and sleepy, but rather had a fairly clear-headed feeling for the majority of the effects. Some of the typical Purple taste combined with a strong Afghani influence made this an average medicine in terms of taste and smell, but the duration and effects mostly made up for it. We would recommend this strain for an indoors nighttime activity or work, as we were functional but not exactly full of energy — it would put you in an appropriate mental state for sleeping as well by the end of the effects if consumed in the evening.


Double Purple Doja x (Purple Urkle x Purple Diesel)


Bred by California Bean Bank to produce stout, heavy, "purple"-flavored indica flowers


Spearhead clover green calyxes in tight clusters, with maroon pistils, and an above average density of long, thin stalked trichomes with small heads


Sweet dark florals and grape candy over an earthy musk


Musky dark fruits, currant, bitter grape


Dull and immediately medicated eyes were the first effect felt, followed shortly after by a somatic feeling throughout the body that made us want to just sit down and melt into the seat. Surprisingly with the strong Indica-feeling attack, it was a fairly functional and clear effect, which we all appreciated (especially since the staff tends to not enjoy the often groggy-feeling Purple strains). The body high was extremely evident from the beginning and stayed fairly constant, but the lingering eyes feeling and a slight burst of energy returning to a sober state were the epilogue of this strain's effects. Nicely potent and medicating, yet mentally clearer than most Purple strains, this is a good option for those who don't tend to enjoy Purples that much.


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