Everything you want in a classic Blue Dream with the added bonus of a deep purple hue that gives a gentle indica finish to a well-balanced sativa experience. Overall, Purple Dream appears like any other thin leaved equatorial cannabis varietal until mid to late flower when it starts taking on beautiful purple pastel hues and gains its signature fake grape candy scent.


Purple #1 x Blue Dream


The dried flowers are very light purple, almost a water color version of lavendar.  the contrast to orange pistils is stark and the overall bud structure is mid to whispy, while the size is medium to large.


The aroma is one of a kind, with very sweet notes mixed with synthetic purple candies.  The hazey nature comes through with a bit of sharp spice reminding you this really does carry the Blue Dream family line very well.


Spicy haze is the dominant flavor, though if smoked through fresh glass plenty of the aromatic fruitfulness will strike the back of the tongue.


Not as heady as a classic Blue Dream, the Purple #1 evident in its genetics lends users a relaxed, less motivating high while still delivering creative thoughts and uplifting attitude.


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A mix of California and Netherlands


Clone Only

Strain Type

Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Flowering Time

10+ Weeks

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