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Purple Dragon is a very interesting purple strain, as it lacks many of the trademarks aside from the color and taste. Instead of an almost narcotic or "druggy" feeling that some purples create, this one was nicely clear and motivated while still carrying the medicinal qualities that cause many patients to seek out purple strains. Purple Dragon is a superb choice for those patients who desire pain and tension relief while not feeling (or looking) drugged up or lazy as is often the case with purple strains.




Northern California clone scene cut that is possibly a "selfed" Purple Urkle with Sativa traits, or Blue Dragon x Urkle


A very pretty purple strain that looked nicer than some others we've seen, with a typical purple in its color palette.  It was basically perfect texture-wise and was above-average in trichome coverage


A very stinky and musky example of a Purple strain… the pungent musk carries notes of "dark" fruits like plums and grapes, which really came out after the grind.  In the jar it's got a nice skunkiness to it as well that adds to the pungency… an impressive bouquet overall, though a little on the "impressive but not exactly pleasurable" side due to the strong musk factor


An almost cotton candy/bubble gum purple sweetness


Definitely strong in Sativa qualities for a purple strain, this one was almost buzzy and energetic throughout the body and behind the eyes.  That subsided fairly quickly though and turned into more of a passive pain relief quality, where one reviewer with back issues was able to work in the garden for nearly 2 hours with no pain to speak of, even after having spasms that morning.  Though it provided quality relief, it didn't possess much of an actual body feeling (i.e. buzzing, pulsing, warmth), which was a little unique.  It also seemed to have almost no effect on cognition… totally clear-headed and aware, which again is unusual for a purple strain.


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