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Perhaps an AFghani-dominant phenotype of F-13, Plum Kush has a heavier effect than normal, more in line with the Blueberry side of the family, but with the spicy Kush-like taste of Flo.


Thought to be a special phenotype of DJ Short's F-13, which is DJ Short's Flo x DJ Short's Blueberry


When the strain wasn't selling as "F-13? in a dispensary in Denver, CO, the shop opted to call it "Plum Kush" — it sold like crazy and became quite popular while it was still available.


Spicy and slightly sweet, it definitely has elements of both parents


More along the spicy and incense-heavy Kush lines than sweet, tastes much like Flo


Very relaxing and potent, it can affect motor skills a bit and cause couchlock by necessity rather than choice.  Heady as well as body-heavy, it's a balanced experience that thoroughly relaxed and improves mood.  Its creeper effects can sneak up on you if you overdo the dosage.  Strong relaxation, anti-anxiety, pain relief, and sleep aid at higher doses are the main benefits of this strain.


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