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An attempt to create a total "throwback" to the Thai varieties of the 1970's, a landrace Cambodian variety was stabilized by being bred with a Thai-Haze male.  The long-flowering and spindly Phnom Penh isn't for the amateur grower, but will reward the persistent with an amazingly racy and cerebral experience, delivered via spicy sandwalwood and incense-flavored foxtailed nugs.


Cambodian landrace x (Thai x Haze)


Spicy and carrying notes of tea


Sandalwood and incense


Very uplifting and cerebral, this hybrid may get on top of some inexperienced users.  Not for those suffering from anxiety, Southeast Asian hybrids such as this are known for being near-psychedelic with their effects packages.

Grow Medium

Will more than triple in height when in flowering, may require support because it can be so spindly and tall.


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