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We wish we knew the origins of this strain so that we could better see where its potential lies medically — this one just seemed like it wasn't quite what it could be, and making judgments on the strain as a whole would be difficult. We saw huge potential in the smell/flavor package, which reminded us of some of our favorite fruity Hazes — but the iffy trim, overall "blah" visual appearance, and lack of visual trichomes knocked it down a peg. The effects were definitely Sativa-dominant, with a familiar Haze-influenced dream-like effect and some moderate muscle and mental relaxation. We sort of vacillated between active and sedative states, making the medical uses once again a little confusing and varied. We see this as a late daytime type of med for patients who want to retain functionality and energy but can still use a mental vacation.




Long, thin spearhead shaped palm green calyxes, formed in loose closed clusters, with dark goldenrod pistils, and above average density of average-stalked trichomes with small heads


This strain really reminded our crew of something from the Jack Herer line, as it had that familiar (yet sweeter, more in the Jack Flash vein) citrus Haze aroma that we all love — another reviewer mentioned Dutch Durban as another similar aroma profile. It was certainly noticeable in the jar, but it really developed when it was handled or ground up, getting a little more aggressive and taking on an almost Diesel-like backing musk that competed with the sweetness for attention.


Giving off a rather thick smoke, this strain mostly matched its aroma in the flavor, bringing a slightly more floral, eucalyptus-influenced flavor with many of the same citrus elements. It left a pleasantly hashy aftertaste in the mouth, and the actual flavor maintained well as it burned away. As mentioned, the smoke was rather thick, moderately harsh, and rather expansive — in short, you'll probably cough on this one from one or the other.


About 5 minutes following the start of the review session, the typically Sativa onset of a buzzing body and changes in head/eye/face pressure set the tone for the majority of the experience. Our heads felt light and floaty, even a little disoriented or dizzy at times, while our bodies were lightly energized, buzzing strongly in the upper legs, forearms, and ears. A familiar Haze-influenced "sensory blanket" seemed to have us a little bit duller and slower than normal in a variety of mental processes, though the mood elevation it provided made us not particularly care. As it moved on, our bodies became more relaxed and it moved into the standard Sativa comedown, where the couch is more attractive than movement… this state seemed to go away and come back several times over the final 1.5 hours.


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