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A stout, bushy plant that grows squat and strong.  Thick wide leaves of hand size or larger cover the plant.


[Cherry Pie x Grand Daddy Purple (GDP)] x Bay Platinum Cookies


Bred and released by the GDP Crew out of California, the exact genetics are a bit hazy online.  Many of the seedbanks have it clearly listed as simply the Cherry Pie x GDP but forums dating back to the original list have additional Platinum Cookies or Bay Cookies in the mix.


Dark purple and even black leaves adorn this plant in flower. The flowers themselves closely resemble the GDP in size and structure with even more densly packed resin glands cover the plant from top to bottom.


Very dark grape, some over ripe fruit tones of the red nature (apple/cranberry/cherry) present on the dried and cured flower.


While it is hailed as a cookie dough tasting strain, we've never encountered that taste at all.  Rather, we find this to be a darker, earthier version of a GDP strain with some smokey wood and nut notes present.


Heavy indica body high, a traditional "stone" feeling that lasts for a solid 2+ hours.  No crash, and no ceiling found among our numerous encounters.


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