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We really enjoyed this sample after not being overly excited to try it based on our experiences with Mango and its family in the past, as well as the reputation of Nirvana Seeds for putting out variations on other seedbank product. However, this particular Papaya really impressed us with its strong and lasting Indica-dominant effects which had us glued to the couch, but enjoying every minute of it. The musky and complex fruit smell and flavor really reminded us of Mango at times, and that added to the overall appeal.


Citral x Ice


Bred by Nirvana Seeds to be a fast growing and disease resistant strain.


Claw-shaped cucumber green sepals, arranged in tight cluster calyxes, with frequent bursts of paarl brown pistils, and average coverage with short wavy trichomes with large heads


This strain had a fruity and slightly musky smell to it which did indeed bring to mind mangoes, down to the complex-smelling skin with its musky qualities, which seemed to mostly be present pre-grind. Once it was ground, it took on a more directly sweet and floral fruity quality, keeping the mango scent mostly intact. This was a rather uncanny-smelling fruit strain, and one that impressed us, given that we had not really heard much about it in the past.


Lightly sweet and fruity, the flavor was similar to the smell, but not quite as directly fruity, with more of an earthy bent on the inhale, converting to an almost peppery, spicy funk on the exhale. This complex-tasting strain certainly had tropical fruit elements, but it was mostly reminiscent of the earthy, spicy, and lightly fruity Afghani lines. The flavor was pleasantly sweet until mid-way though the bowl, but the smoke was also rather thick and expansive, causing some coughing at times.


Though we did feel some Sativa effects such as a major increase in heart rate, this sample felt heavily Indica, though it was nicely functional at smaller dosages. The initial potency seemed to last a long time, keeping up at a high level through 1.5 hours, mostly putting us in a couchlocked state where the body literally felt heavy and pulled down but the mind was fairly active and engaged when prompted. Strong pain relief and muscle relaxation had our bodies feeling rather floppy and the waves emanating from the solar plexus kept up at a high level for almost an hour. A lasting euphoric feeling was the main mental effect we experienced, and we just generally felt very good the entire time we were medicated on this strain. As the effects cleared, we lifted ourselves off of the couch and regained some of our ability to focus, and there were no real lingering tired feeling or other negative side effects.


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