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The appearance was fairly spectacular thanks to the eminently visible trichomes that lay all over the bud surface. The smell/taste package was average but enjoyable enough not to hamper anything. The real star here though are the effects, which were blindingly potent at first, but dropped off to a very useful state of focused functionality. Some body attributes were present later on in the duration, but overall, this was a "heady" med that is best-suited for mental energy, mood, and ocular relief.


Island Sweet Skunk x Trinity


Fat spade-shaped olivine sepals, arranged in stacked spiral calyxes, with frequent bursts of copper pistils, and above average coverage with short-stalked hooked trichomes with large heads


Not exactly appealing in the sense that you want to smell it regularly, this strain was a combination of a slightly creamy vegetal sweetness along with a more putrid, fecal, "cheese" type of smell that made us wrinkle our collective nose. It hints at potency, but isn't terribly appealing to most people. The smell also weirdly seemed to disappear after a grinding rather than getting stronger.


Much like the smell, the taste wasn't terribly appealing but wasn't bad either — it gave off a light, spicy citrus with some smooth, almost creamy notes present along with a floral (one reviewer said "soapy") quality. Contrary to many strains, this one seemed to taste better when you really go at it with the lighter rather than 'sipping' it, filling the mouth with a floral-tinged smoke.


A very heavy and nearly overwhelming Sativa experience started this one off — the brow sweated, the heart rate jumped, and a rising pressure filled the brow/forehead/eye area. Mentally it had us full of energy but a bit spaced-out, at least initially. The initial potency only lasted about 30 minutes (probably a good thing, it was a little much even for our veteran review staff), fading into a focused state where we found ourselves swept up in a single task that seemed to go on unabated for hours. Though not exactly couchlocked, that was basically the end result, as the singular focus on sedentary work/activities kept us engaged throughout. Some enduring head pressure was the last physical remnant of this med, and it faded out cleanly with only a little bit of a drained feeling.


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