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OJ Ghost is a terrific example of an uplifting hybrid cannabis strain.


Orange Juice Bud x Ghost's OG


Bred by Obsoul33t, a master sure to leave his mark on both the underground his moniker reminds you of and the industry sure to produce copious amounts of his flower, the OJ Ghost stems from a pack of seeds gifted in Gaberville, CA in 1988.  One lone male was found...and we thank our lucky stars it was bred to multiple elite clone-only strains.  This particular cross is with Ghost's OG Kush, one of the orginal OG's known for being one of the best illustrations of the OG hybrid nature, and one of KindReviews' all-time favorite cannabis varietals.


The dry bud is very conical in nature with medium to small calyx/sepal size.  The pistils tend to brown quickly and easily and assist in adding a rust color to the generally orange hue of the flower.  The OG side of the plant offers a distinct lime green coloration to the flower as well as the tendency to go slight purple and other darker hues while in late flower prior to harvest.  She is a beautiful plant and can easily be picked out of a garden, or at least isolated to the family of OJB ladies.


As with all of the OJB crosses, the orange peel aroma is absolutely demonstrative!  Unlike the familiar Tangerine Haze and Tangie lines which have softer, muted orange (citrus) scents, this family line brings childhood soccer game orange peel smells right to your face.


Upon intial inhale or dry puff the orange dominance makes its mark, but exhale of the smoke leaves a wonderful OG pinene flavor across the tongue and roof of mouth.


The general nature of the high is quite similar to the mild mannered OG Kush line (not the heavier handed and indica dominant varieties like Skywalker OG, Hells Angels OG or even Face-Off OG) with a clear pep towards the euphoric sativa side of things thanks to the OJB terpene profile.  While clearly not a skyrocketing sativa by any stretch, the OJ Ghost has an uplifting attitude beyond the OG family that can be appreciated any time of day. 


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