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A veritable melting pot of genetic lines, this hybrid is as unpredictable as its lineage would indicate.  When finished, it produces dense spear-shaped nugs that glimmer with trichomes and bright orange pistils.


Blueberry x Northern Lights #5 x Trainwreck x BOGBubble


Giving off a not particularly noticeable piney scent in the container, it turns into a lovely lemony-fertilizer burst of freshness when broken into.


Some lightly sweet lemon blends with oddly spicy juniper


The effects of this strain are hard to pin down despite it being rather potent.  It starts out with a racy set of Sativa effects that brings to mind the Trainwreck part of its lineage — a racing heart, some perspiration, and lots of facial ad ocular pressure cycling.  Once that introductory state passed, it was a uniquely visual and cerebral experience, lending itself to solitary creative situations more than social ones.  To finish it often comes with a fairly heavy crash, leaving the user lethargic, heavy-eyed, and ready for bed.


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